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Hundred Little Decisions: Training Ourselves at the Decision Point


Aug. 11, 2020

Becoming much better at making more purposeful and conscious decisions.
August 11, 2020 by Leo Babauta Leave a Comment
Over and over, throughout the day, we make the Hundred Little Decisions: to work on this, to check email, to go to this website, to respond to messages, to grab a bite to eat, to meditate or exercise or do yoga or have tea or watch a video or push into deep purpose.
The Hundred Little Decision shape our day. They determine whether we’ve had a day of focus and calm and meaningful work, or distraction and procrastination.
It turns out, we can train ourselves at the decision point. When we have one of the Hundred Little Decisions come up, we can train how we’d like to respond.
Do we want to go to distraction? To response mode? To comfort? To avoidance?
Or do we want to do something connected to our mission and purpose? To something more meaningful than our comfort?
Let’s look at how to train at the decision point.
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