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BBNaija WAHALA- Nengi Is Not Who People Think She Is, See The Real Her

Mayowa NG

Aug. 10, 2020

Toyin Lawani has been very critical of Big Brother Naija contestant, Nengi. In her recent post, the mother of two and fashionista exposes Nengi and body-shaming her.
In her post on Instagram, she wrote: See a lot of people judge me for my actions at times, but don’t know the real reason behind them&call it hating.
A while back I had issues with my ex over our kid, his new female counterpart took his phone &wrote all this about me which I later found out he didn’t do&those were not his words, I didn’t respond to this then, we settled behind closed doors because that’s where relationships should be settled because my kid was involved.
I had my own love interest too at that time so that wasn’t my issue at all, the blogs took it up&started trolling me&yet I didn’t respond, because of my son, see if u know me u will know my kids mean a lot to me&I’m a very peaceful selfless down to earth person but I don’t tolerate bullsh*t& I say my mind, most people don't like people who speak their truth.
I will do anything to keep my kids safe&connected to their family regardless of our differences, is it not ironic that the same words written on the internet were words used on national tv for everyone to see yesterday on @lucyedetofficial Be with whoever u want to be but don’t go forming superhero making videos with my kid when u are not d mother.
People need to respect other people’s boundaries&Family, if I hear anyone say sh*t on my Page again about trolling anyone or dt I’m hating on any1 cse I chose who I chose, I will make matters worse 4u guys, all week y’all Been writing Sh*t abt me on blogs&on my Page calling me names yet ignored,d proof is there for u to see on national tv, At least I didn’t go on tv to put words in the mouth of the culprit, yet the same person went under d knife to look like me.
The reason for her exposure was due to the fight she had with lucy, in the process she body-shamed lucy, forgetting the fact that she did surgery to achieve her body goal.
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