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5 Benefits Of S3x During Pregnancy

Maame Enuwah

Aug. 10, 2020

The female body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancies. From raging hormones to having frequent morning sickness, s3x might probably be the last thing on your mind. Regardless of the reservations a mother and a father to- be may have about s3x during pregnancy, it is highly recommended by the doctor to have s3x. Here are five reasons why s3x is not only healthy but also very beneficial during pregnancy:
1. Easy labor and recovery 
 An orgasm can spur up contractions in your pelvic floor, which helps in strengthening the muscles you will need for labor and post-delivery especially in the third trimester.
2. Better orgasms 
Pregnancy s3x feels different and sometimes even better because surging hormones can send your s3x drive higher than usual. Pregnancy in itself increases blood flow to your pubic area which makes it more sensitive. Your vagina also becomes more lubricated due to an increase in the production of estrogen and your breast also becomes more sensitive.
3. It a safe way to stay connected to your partner 
 Studies have shown that a lot of men cheat during pregnancy because they hardly get to make love with their wives. Having s3x during pregnancy will keep the bond between you and your partner.
4. Complication prevention 
 Frequent s3x during pregnancy helps prevent complications such as pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is a dangerous pregnancy condition characterized by high blood pressure.
5. Your baby will benefit too 
 S3x during pregnancy will not hurt your child but rather ‘the feel-good’ hormones that are released in your body during s3x will have an impact on the development of your child both before and after pregnancy.
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