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3 Causes Of Pimples That You Should Know.

Osigwe prince ikenna

Aug. 10, 2020

You might have tried everything you could, but your pimples never appear to stop forming on your face.
Well, there are are thousand of people with the Same problem as you have now.
There are few things that lead to the growth of pimples on your face. So,here are 3 causes of pimples you should know:
Sebum is also called oil,is an oil that is produced on your skin that can lead to pimples growth. The dead skin cells which are shed from the follicle and the skin bacteria with the present of sebum make a clog which can lead to the cause of pimples.
Genetics is considered to be one of the things that trigger pimples formation. Your family history can make you understand how often you can get pimples.
3.Puberty stage:
Androgens are hormones which your body produces when you are in your puberty. Due to these hormones, a gland called sebaceous begins to enlarge and allow the passage of excess oil that is produced in the skin to pass to the surface of the skin, the skin becomes oily and can attract bacteria that would act on the skin to cause pimples.
So,to avoid pimples at your puberty, always wash your face with water and soap every morning to remove the oil from your face,and this can prevent pimples at puberty.
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