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EVIL!!! One Community Don Gather Torture & Kill One Mama Say She Be Winch


Aug. 04, 2020

One community don kpai one 90-year-old woman wey fetish priest and community members accuse of witchcraft for Ghana.
De fetish priestess, accuse de old woman, Akua Denteh of witchcraft after which dem torture am for hours which lead to her death, for Kafaba which dey around Salaga.
Viral video which dey circulate show how dem surround de old woman, dem use objects knock en head, slap am, whip am several times as she dey sit on de ground until make unconscious den later die.
De incident happen for Kafaba, community wey dey inside de Savannah region last week Thursday.
Reports be say dem carry de woman go house wey dem dey host de fetish priestess.
De fetish priestess do some chanting wey she reveal say de woman be witch, after that dem subject am to torture.
In de video wey dey circulate, you go see as woman wey take objects hit de woman en head whilst another woman dey use whip lash am.
After de beatings, she go unconscious wey dem give am concoctions to drink, dem carry am go en house where she die for.
Police for Kafaba carry de woman en body wey dem deposit for Tamale Teaching Hospital morgue for autopsy.
Di 90-year-old woman family originally dey come from Kafaba, Madam Akuah Denteh be second born of 8 children
After she marry, she give birth to seven kids out of which one die.
According to JoyNews correspondent, Isaac Nongya, she get two boys and four girls, de first born of de woman who still be alive chop 70 years.
De woman be farmer sake of she no go school plenty.
Meanwhile, Ghana IGP order manhunt of de killers. Di inspector General of Police, James Oppong-Boanuh send security team to de region to find de fetish priest and community members wey kill de woman.
According to Police, dem dey on manhunt for de suspects, Hajia Filina who be de fetish priestess, one Aliu who be teacher, Bumaye, Ashley and Manafo 
Ghana Police announce GhC 2,000 reward for information wey go lead to de arrest of any of de suspects.
Police finally arrest lady wey whip di 90-year-old woman to death
From di viral video of the public lynching you could see one lady with  whip lynching di old woman.
Dem don already arrest 5 pipo
For anoda related matter
Afta some suspected militants from Islamist group Boko Haram bin attack Borno State Govnor Prof. Babagana Zulum, Nguetchewe for Mayo Moskota, inside Mora near border wit Nigeria di craiy 16 pipo weh deh die afta suspected Boko haram attack de camp, also wound seven.
Deh attack happen for Sunday morning happen inside camp for displaced pipo (IDPs) for dis area.
De attackers throway grenade for pipo weh deh bi di sleep inside camp, Medjeweh Boukar Mayor for Nguetchewe village tell Reuters. De camp na home for about 800 pipo Mayor add.
Villagers say 16 pipo die, but security officials say na 15 and de pipo weh deh wound dey for hospital.
Mayor say "deh attackers kam wit woman weh e hold grenade. Woman and pikin dem dey among de pipo weh deh die".
For de past months, dis camp don suffer about 20 attacks, Boukar dok.
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