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My 24-Year-Old Son Wants To Marry A Foreigner Who Is 35 – What should I Do

Phil Opt

Aug. 03, 2020

Judith’s son is currently interested in a 35-year-old American he met on Facebook and wants to marry him. However, Judith doesn’t want him to go ahead with his decision even though he has told her some benefits. She narrated;
My son is currently 24 and recently graduated from university. At the moment, he is waiting for his posting even though we are in the coronavirus season.
According to him, he met the American single woman on Facebook and after a few exchange of messages, the woman asked him to marry her because he is handsome.
Without hesitation on the side of my son, he agreed to the proposal and would rush to get his visa if borders are opened because the woman wants to rush things.
I have tried to get him to understand that he is still young and should not rush to make decisions he would later grow to hate.
However, he claims that the benefits of going ahead with his plan are better than staying in Ghana and trying everything possible to get a Ghanaian lady to date.
Moreover, he believes Ghanaian women are too lazy and hard to get them to accept the proposal. I have done all I can to convince him not to go but he wants to go.
I can’t inform any of my relatives because none of them was willing to support us after I lost my husband to a sickness. They all left us and even took away some of the properties he left behind.
My son’s only reason for travelling or going ahead with his plan is to also to move me to the states once he settles with the woman. As good as the plan sounds, I fear something worse might happen to him.
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