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Frashia Wangari

Aug. 03, 2020

Sarkodie is one of the musicians I admire in this country. I have thought of borrowing one of his songs title to derive a message from it, and as denoted, it is “DEVIL IN ME”, which he featured Efya some years back. This write-up is predominantly based on his (Sarkodie) diction in the aforementioned song and I’m using just a few of the lyrics.
He began that: “So many things we tryin’na get rid of, but we can, but we do regardless, And i pray that um, God takes away the devil in us. And that’s my prayer, yeah.”
As humans, irrespective of our various personalities, we have our strengths and weaknesses. It is so unfortunate that most of us go down the drain due to our weaknesses through many forms. Many people including myself know our weaknesses, yet we keep on doing the wrong things. Have we ever prayed over the vile acts which may land us in the eternal fire if we don’t change for good? Instead of us to pray to God so that He will give us strengths to overcome our weaknesses, we turn around and pray for worldly pleasures, which most of them are unnecessary. Let us spend most of our time in prayers, and ask for strengths to overcome our weaknesses or the sins we are battling with.
He continued: “I feel something within, Mea menim, sometimes I can be mean. ɛnyɛ honam ani, I swear there is a devil in me. I pray to God, my Father in Heaven. I’m fighting my soul, I’m not the same person.”
Do you feel something within whenever you do something which is repugnant to the word of God? You and I know that we’ve been swallowed up by sin, yet we are not ready to wake up from it or halt it for good. Beloved, are you the same person you were some years back? For me, I know I have changed. Is the Devil in you, as Sarkodie said? Let us all try to put a stop to the bad things we are involved in, which the Holy Scriptures frown upon. Let us pray to God and He is ever merciful to accept us back as a Father.
Sarkodie said: “2012 is over, I hope I learnt my lessons. Me de me kra no ma wo sɛ takee over. If I’m far away just draw me closer. Mentumi ngyae nsa nom, Nyankonpɔn make me sober. Sunsum pɛ, honam ayɛ mmerɛ, boa me aww Jehovah. I hate what I do, but biribi pushi me. Ma me ahoɔden na bonsam use me. Wakye me ahyɛ afiase nti Nyame set me free. Ma me nka no biom, there’s a devil in me.”
Every new day is good for one to repent of his or her sins. I hope you and I have learnt some lessons from what we did yesterday? Let’s not repeat it. Let’s try and stop it for the better. Give your life to the Lord and He will use you mightily in His Kingdom. He (Sarkodie) mentioned a couple of sins that we do as humans. Once again, each and every one of us has a particular and a battling sin that needs to be get rid of, yet we are unable to do away with it.
The spirit is indeed willing but the flesh is weak. We always try to do what is right but something draws us back, but don’t pay attention to that thing that draws you back. Sarkodie said, “I hate what I do but something pushes me.” This reminds me of what Apostle Paul said in Romans 7:15 that, “For what I am doing, I do not understand. For what I will to do, that I do not practice; but what I hate, that I do.” As you strive to do things to please God, you will be drawn back when God is not on your side. Why did Paul make such statement? “But what I hate, that I do.” That is so pathetic.
Do we have some amount of remorse of the bad things we do? Or we are jubilating or swimming in our individual sins? Satan, our greatest antagonist, will continue to resist us from doing what is good, but we shouldn’t give him the chance! Every honest person will bear with me that we don’t understand what is going on in our lives or the awful things we’ve been doing. We are not practicing the good things that is desired of us. Thanks so much for reading. Frank Nero and Sarkodie salute you. #Sarkodie
Story By: Frank Otoo/Ghanadailies.com
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