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The Open Side of Politics in Cross River State. "The no opposition theory"

Kelly Jackson

Aug. 02, 2020

In the beginning, Governor Donald Duke had Late Mr John Okpa as his running mate and deputy after he won the election. He later drop Mr Okpa for Late Mr Walter Eneji. This let to a political tussle among them with chaotic response from supporters through out the state. This was closely followed by the Dansuki - Donald and the Obi Odu - Donald political saga which also geared chaotic response from supporters.
The outcome of this political tussles let the incumbent government of Governor Donald Duke at that time to take necessary steps to eliminate opposition in the state. With many opposition fleeing to self exile.
Since then, all successors to the gubernatorial seat had copied "the no opposition theory" for fear of being scrutinized and victimized. This have given them the chance to misappropriate public funds and mislead the state.
Today it is an open dilemma for Cross River State Governors to use public/government funds meant for development to funds and facilitate party affairs. This gives them the power to control the party affairs and hand pick candidates for the party that will cover their misdeeds after they leave power.
Generally the world is balanced on a negative and positive based scale. The good and bad end which are instituted at opposite ends to maintain a balance in every decision in the world. Therefore removing opposition from either end will completely tip the balance because the level of comparison is no longer there.
In the Cross River State house of House of Assembly where state policy and law are being formulated. Which also serve as a watch dog over the excesses of state executives. Such alterances will inturn lead to erroneous decisions that will affects the entire populations. Motions being moved by a party of persons will be passed straight into policies and law without due argument and proper check. These makes it easy for an incumbent Governor to easily influenced the decisions of the house to their favor by sponsoring motion of personal benefit.
These is why irrespective of the bad governance in Cross River State. The House of Assembly remains quiet because the legislative machines are weakened under the influence of the executive Governor.
To this day, Cross River State is left with little or no opposition both in the house of assembly and outside the house. Incumbent Governors uses finance,funds,arm instrument and institution of government for their party to fight opposition.
The continuity of the PDP led government has not allowed an open book on proper scrutiny on the management of public funds as incumbent Governors hand pick their successors to cover their tracks.
With no opposition in the house of assembly, the governor authorcratically rule the house with his decisions and huge bribes exchanging hands at party consultation. Using government money meant for development to sponsor PDP affairs with impunity.
This is an organised crime venture that must be looked into, if this state must move forward.
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