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Kenyan Musician Composes Song For President John Magufuli

Sofia KE

Aug. 02, 2020

Master P, a Kenyan musician and producer, has composed a song for Tanzanian’s president, John Magufuli. Master P who is in the gospel industry released a song named Magufuli, praising him for his leadership. He glorifies the president in the song and even urges citizens to reelect him in the upcoming elections for him to finish the amazing work he has started.
When asked about the reception of his song by Kenyans, he said that it was positive as many of them wish to have Magufuli as their president.
''The reception in Kenya is amazing, people love what I did. In fact most of them know Magufuli is a great president and even wish he was our very own,'' Master P said.
A number of musicians in Tanzania have released songs of praise for the president including renowned artists like Nandy, Rayvanny, Zuchu, Mbosso, Alikiba and Harmonize. Last year, Fab Moses, a Swahili singer and songwriter composed a song for Magufuli. He said he wanted the president to know that he had his support.
Part of the song lyrics read;
"Magufuli Twende kazi tu tusifate ya mafisadi
Kwao wanakuona mbaya pale Bandarini sasa mambo Safi
Kwa kuwa wanakuona huna makontena dili ukayazuia
Kwao wanakuona hufai...
Shamba la Bibi ukalizuia Zile ndege wajiulize zatoka wapi..."
In 2015, the London based singer, also wrote a song about CCM and Magufuli’s election victory.
President Magufuli both has die hard critics who don’t believe in his leadership and a mass of people who praise him and believe in him.
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