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Egg Is Nutritious But Combining It With Any Of These Foods Makes It Harmful To Your Health-Here's Why


Aug. 01, 2020

Food one of the most essential part of life and a healthy intake of food plays a pivotal roll in the longevity of life with very little or no health problems.
One of the popular protein foods that are commonly consumed in Ghana is eggs. It is easily available at any food joint or even fresh ones sold everywhere. One thing that caught my attention, the wrong combination of an egg with some foods which should not be the case as far good health is concerned.
It is very common to see people eating eggs other protein-giving foods like beans, fish, meat and others, after buying cooked rice or waakye.
An egg is an exceptionally proteinous food stuffed with a lot of supplements for this some call it a superfood. It is modest and effectively opens however the issue is that it requires some investment to process; so you should be cautious about nourishments you consolidate with egg so as not to give your stomach pressure. 
Do you know the ordinary food you eat every day can pivot to be a toxic substance to your body? 
Combining foods incorrectly for nourishments can hurt your body. and that's what this write-up will look into.
Foods you shouldn't combine with egg for consumption.
These are the nourishments you ought to never eat with egg to keep away from the hurtful impact on your stomach: 
This is an awful mix. This is on the grounds that avidin, a fixing in egg can kill nutrient B7 that slick fish contain in huge amount. Nutrient B7 is basic in processing fat, sugar and protein in the body. Rather than fish, use vegetables to set up your egg. 
2. Potato: 
Egg and potato don't go down well in your stomach. Potato contains supplements that forestall the assimilation of iron and calcium from eggs. Eating these two together will prompt acid reflux consequently it is wrong. 
3. Milk
A few people eat eggs with milk to help their protein admission. Be that as it may, not all protein is perfect with one another model egg and milk. The milk ought to be expended independently from some other food so the important substances that milk contains can be consumed by the body totally. 
4. Some fruits
A few organic products like apple, watermelon, pears are not prudent to be eaten after protein items including eggs. This is on the grounds that organic products set aside a shorter effort to process than protein which sets aside longer effort to process. Confounding your stomach can prompt difficulty for you. 
One must consistently watch his or her for any response corresponding to any food you eat with the goal that you will stop it on schedule. 
Remember you are definitely what you eat. Eat healthily then you will live healthily.
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