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ROMANTICALLY!! See How Yinka Olukunga And Husband Oluwarotimi Ademo Met & Fell In Love


July. 31, 2020

She is popular soap opera actress and Nnenna and friends Television host, Yinka Olukunga, who welcomed twins some months back, has finally disclosed that she never had a secret wedding but a private one at that.
She stated that she and her family members did not want a loud wedding and they had to make it a family affair thing which took place in December 2014.
Speaking with Encomium magazine, the TV star disclosed that she met her hubby while she was serving at Ojodu Berger in Lagos and from friendship it led to dating and finally marriage.
According to her, “it’s not a secret wedding. It was just a family affair. It’s just a very small family wedding.” On how she met her man, she said, “I met him when I was serving at Ojodu-Berger, Lagos. We were basically friends, from the friendship we graduated into dating and he proposed and we got married in December 2014.”
You are a mother of twins. How is life being a mother?
It has been amazing. It is an experience I would not want to trade for anything in this world. I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to become a mother. It has been an amazing journey. Though it has its ups and downs, the smiles in the faces of my children make every effort worthwhile.
Did you expect to have twins?
My mother is an identical twin. I didn’t imagine I would have twins anyway. When it happened, I couldn’t be any more grateful.
Were you ever afraid of marriage?
Sincerely, No. I was ready for it. I had learnt a lot from elderly people. I love to listen to people’s experiences. And I have great mentors, women, who have inspired, who have always been there for me. One of them is Linda Etukudo. She is an amazing woman. She has always told me that marriage is not a bed of roses, but that one can make oneself happy in marriage. She told me that as a woman, you have the power to build your home however you want it. That was one thing I held on to way before I got married. I would say it is working for me. It is not that it is always romantic all the time. A man will always be a man. And a woman will always be a woman. Friction will happen. But how you want it to be is dependent on you, the woman. The man has a role to play. He has to be a man, mature and caring, putting his home first all time. But as women, most of the work depends on us. Even the bible says admonishes that.  I tell God all the time to give me the grace to build my home. And that has been one thing that has been helping me as well.
When did you get married?
Two years ago. Two years, two kids. It has been amazing.
What were the qualities you looked out for in men as a young woman?
I just wanted a good man. I just wanted God to choose for me. Like I said, I have always had people who talk to me, who give me counsel. So, I wasn’t looking for any spectacular quality or that he had to be this or that. I just wanted a good man. And I got it.
Can you share with us your love story with your husband, Oluwarotimi Ademo?
I met him when I was serving at Ojodu-Berger, Lagos.  And we were basically friends.  From friendship, we graduated into dating. And he proposed and we got married in December 2014.
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