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GBAGBOS!!! El Rufai's Son Criticised Abia's Government, Now Twitter Is On Fire


July. 31, 2020

The governor of Kaduna's El-rufai son, Bashir has taken to twitter to condemn the decay of infrastructure at Ariara Market, Aba, Abia state.
He wrote in a tweet, "This is Abia State in Nigeria. The Governor needs to address this. These people's lives & livelihoods matter."
and attached a photo of the flooded and dilapidated Ariaria market.
It has now become a tweet fest as many have responded to show his "hypocrisy"
See Responses
"This is where u should be and not defending ikwerre while your compound is in ruins
The lives of people from Southern Kaduna also matters my brother.
What concern this guy if people of the state prefer kerosene to infrastructural development.
In addition, Bashar should have directed the complaint to the governor general of South East in person of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the jagaban. This is because, to the best of my knowledge and the complaint of igbos, Tinubu stole all the money that would have been used to develop the East.
Indirectly shading the people of the SE and Abia in particular ..
Abia has not had a governor since 1999. But with all the decays in Abia state, it's people are way more resourceful than all the Fulani people put together. At least Abians do not go about killing people in OGUN, OSUN, EKITI, and OYO State in the name of Farmers/Herders clashes.
This guy is a badass troll.
it's doesn't matter to Abians, since the place is in Abia State and not Lagos or Osun State...and the their irresponsible Governor's name is Ikpeazu and not Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
Every where in Nigeria Needs facelift
Abia State has been quite Unfortunate in the kind of Leaders they Have Had..
But I think Elrufai son should be more Concerned on the Blood of the Humans that are being wasted right under His Father in Kaduna State.
Blood is Life..
Blood Speaks..
The Blood being wasted in Kaduna is more Wickedness and will attract Greater Punishment than the Wicked leadership of Abia state..
Meanwhile, Minister of Special Duties, George Akume, has stressed that Nigeria needs peace to succeed.
Akume was Benue State Governor from 1999 to 2007.
He spoke on Thursday at the Thanksgiving Service in honour of Yakubu Pam, Executive Secretary, Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC).
NAN quoted Akume as warning of the Somalia situation in Nigeria.
The East African country has experienced armed conflict for three decades.
Akume said Nigeria “cannot toil with unity and peace because if our territorial integrity is undermined, Somalia will be a child’s play.”
On security, he noted that there are still issues that must be resolved.
”I know the President is doing quite a lot but the challenges are still there. We don’t have to toil with our unity.”
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