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BLOODY ROMANCE: Woman Chopped off Her Boyfriend's Head & lynched by Angry Crowd


July. 31, 2020

An angry mob set upon a woman as she was seen carrying her elderly boyfriend's head through the street after reportedly decapitating him during a 'satanic ritual'.
Cops took down a group of angry residents in Santiago Cuauhtenco, a town in the State of Mexico municipality of Amecameca, on Monday night, as they attacked Veronica Rivera.
Local news outlets reported that Rivera, 35, allegedly used a machete and kitchen knife to butcher 70-year-old Jorge Ramos inside a cabin at a ranch known as La Cañada. 
Veronica Rivera was arrested Monday night in Amecameca, Mexico. She is seen above covered in blood after being beaten by an angry mob.
Residents in the central Mexico town of Santiago Cuauhtenco stand behind a police perimeter where Veronica Rivera was set upon by an angry mob after she dropped her boyfriend's head out of a plastic bag.
Rivera then fled to the center of Santiago Cuauhtenco and was spotted by residents carrying Ramos' head inside a black plastic bag as she ranted incoherently. The residents tried to talk to Rivera and calm her down but she then dropped the bag and Ramos' head fell out. 
The group set upon Rivera leaving her covered in blood. Police saved her from the angry crowd and took her to hospital. Ramos' daughter Isabel and other family members approached the police and identified Rivera as the killer.
Rivera suffered bruises to her body and face, and was taken to Valentín Gómez Farías General Hospital. She was later transferred to another medical facility in the city of Ixtapalupa. Rivera remains in custody while the state prosecutor's office investigates the case. 
Police recovered at least three bags with body parts and Ramos's corpse at the ranch. 
Many people give their comments online about this terrible new. Some focus on the brutal woman herself while others focus on the nation and its upcoming election.
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