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5 Funny Things People Do While Dating


July. 31, 2020

All relationships have the good, fun and the bad, boring side of them, but today we are going to talk on the bad side. The bad thing of being in a relationship, apart from missing enjoying what single people get, is that at one point you will be heartbroken by the end of it.
There are several things people in a relationship enjoy doing but once it comes to an end and the reality hits you, you will see them as childish. Neither is it a crime nor a mistake to feel so, it is normal, because love blinds many of us, such that we cannot see ourselves falling into the pits we dig ourselves. Here are some of the things that sound fun doing when dating, but once the date turns otherwise, they will sound stupid to remember; Naming children Almost every person dating has expectations that relationship will lead them to marriage, and hopefully have children.
This usually happens when love between the two of you is at its peak, such that you start suggesting the names you will give to your two nice children, even though you fear getting pregnant. How does this sound after heartbreak? Ver stupid, isn’t it? Taking while photos naked Yes, when you were madly in love there was no shame. You took off your shirt and she took off her bra, you snapped those photos with your lover just in the name of love. But all are memories, bad memories when you are no longer an item. Laying off friends This is a silly mistake that many people make. Just because you are with the one you think is the love of your life does not mean you should cut the ties with your friends.
Does it not sound stupid to seek for their help and cry on their shoulders when your love of your life disappears? Telling your secrets While relationship is about letting each other know their own secrets, some secrets should not be let out. They add you more pain, to heartbreak, when love comes to an end. Which other things do you know that is fun doing when dating but a bitter pill to swallow when It ends?
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