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“I Kidnap People To Raise Money For Charity" -Pastor Shockingly Reveals

Naa Ayorkor Laryea

July. 30, 2020

A 52-year old pastor has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping a dispatch rider and detaining him in an underground facility in his church in Lagos, Nigeria.
According to the pastor, he started kidnaping people in order to raise money for his charity works.
The pastor and his gang are said to have grabbed the dispatch rider when he came to their church to do delivery.
They also injected the victim with anesthesia to weaken him so they could tie him up easily.
Admitting his wrongdoing, the pastor identified as Adetokunbo Adenokpo said “In my church, we do charity, where I share food and palliative to people and this became stronger during the COVID-19. I felt pity for people and I don’t have any money in my account and people still come to me for help.
“A few weeks ago we were short of funds. So I had the idea of doing something for Ileya so I can get some bags of rice and beans and palm oil and other things to share, and probably with a ram, which we can cut and give to poor people and we thought we should get money from the rich companies and then raise money and use it to take care of poor people.
The three of us were involved in the kidnap of Jonathan with the hope of raising funds for the Ileya. I injected him because he was struggling I did not want him to be injured”.  He said.
 Let's be careful about the kind of churches we attend, is this man qualified to be a pastor?
There are so many of such people parading as men of God when in actual sense they are not.
 He should not  jailed for life because it is the same way that he can kill for money.
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