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SHOCKING!!! Woman Quits Her Job To Earn Six Figures Monthly Just Pretending To Be A Dog


July. 28, 2020

21-year-old girl from Austin Texas, who has been grabbing eyeballs for pretending to be a dog in her social media videos. 
Jenna Phillips goes by the name Yourpuppygirljena on her social media accounts including TikTok, Twitter, Instagram.
If some reports of her are to be believed, she apparently quit a daily job to pretend to be a dog full-time and is additionally earning a six-figure salary. 
She has apparently posted just a couple of videos thus far but already boasts of thousands of followers as this discuss Quora last month highlighted. "Yourpuppygirljena may be a TikTok star who recently skyrocketed to fame after she posted videos online pretending to be a puppy.
It added, "Though she has only posted two videos on TikTok, she has already gained 12.5 thousand followers on her TikTok account. She also got 16.2 thousand likes on her TikTok account. 
There are videos featuring her eating and drinking out of a dog bowl and playing fetch online. She has described herself as “just a woman pretending to be a puppy” on TikTok. 
She also features a private Instagram account and an Only Fans account. People suspect all her videos are catering to a fetish community online."
The figures of her following still change since she seems to be amassing followers every single day. She has over 26,000 followers on her Instagram account as of Wednesday.
The influencer earlier worked as an optician before deciding it had been not her calling.
She said she always "felt sort of a puppy" and is presently earning some major money posting pictures and videos of herself where she acts sort of a dog. 
In one she is playing fetch with a ball during a garden, in another, she is seen being prodded to leap during a pond by a lady who is during a bikini. there's another dog nearby. 
Jenna jumps into the water then retrieves the ball. 
In another video, she drinks from a dog bowl while she is during a chain. This video seems to be shot during a mall with people seen within the background. 
In another video, she is seen drinking from an equivalent bowl but while sitting in what seems like a restaurant. There also are pictures of her during a dog leash while asking people to require her for a walk. 
In another video, she is seen sitting on a black couch then is seen spoken to love a dog where the person asks her to urge into her own small dog bed.
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