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Sakawa Gone Wrong: Another Fraud Boy Goes Mad Again

Naa Ayorkor Laryea

July. 28, 2020

It just being two days into this week but these days have not been free from news about fraud boys popularly known as “Sakawa” boys.
The said boy was in the news not long ago for throwing a lavish proposal for his girlfriend that got everyone talking on social media.
The boy is said to have gone mad after he allegedly failed to perform some sacrifices to his spiritual master.
It has also been alleged that the girl whom he proposed to in a lavish ceremony left his ex-boyfriend to be with him because of money and it’s currently unclear if he was supposed to use the girl for sacrifice.
Just yesterday a young guy who was driving a  “luxurious” private Vehicle suddenly went “mad” on the streets in broad daylight.
According to an eyewitness, the man who is yet to be identified as driving in front of the Central Police Station when he all of a sudden went beserk, parked and jumped off the vehicle, and ended up going naked.
 Onlookers were shocked to see the sight as the guy was cruising through town not too long ago before the sudden incident.
The naked “mad” man is said to have walked through the streets till he disappeared from their sight.
Many believe the young man is a member of the Cyber fraudster group popularly calls ‘Sakawa’ and might have gone mad due to a failed ritual.
Desire to live a rich life makes most of these guys jump into this Sakawa business without thinking about the consequences thereafter.
 This generation must start looking for better ways to make money.
 There is always a way to make legit money the youth must reason.
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