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LIST: 9 MPs who have failed to impress in the 10th Parliament


July. 14, 2020

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga a few months ago highlighted the achievements of the August House noting that legislators had exhibited exceptional performance following the realignment of the 10 th Parliament programme.
She noted that there was more dedication and improvement of attendance of plenary and committees by the lawmakers. She said as such, the Parliament of Uganda surpassed other parliaments in the region in terms of legislation.
However, a good number of voters claim that some of their area MPs have failed to perform to their expectations; they say the legislators just attend parliamentary sessions but they don’t represent their most pressing views.
Here are some of the MPs accused of failing their constituents;
1.Kato Lubwama (Rugaba South)
Coming to Parliament, Lubwama defeated the outspoken Ken Lukyamuzi ‘The man’.
He has on several occasions said that he joined politics to enjoy life.
“This is my time to enjoy myself, my voters sent me to enjoy life.”
2.Judith Babirye (Buikwe Woman MP)
The artiste turned politician found her way to Parliament after winning the Buikwe district Woman parliamentary seat during the 2016 General elections. Before joining politics, Babirye was a gospel singer whose songs touched on many people, this could have played her a great role in her coming to the House, however, she has since failed to perform accordingly and her people feel betrayed.
3.Nabila Naggayi (Kampala Woman MP)
Ever since she won the the Kampala Woman MP race in 2016,  Nabilah Naggayi Sempala went silent and many of her voters wonder whether they still have a representative or not.
4. Acon Bua Julius (Otuke County)
Acon Bua Julius, MP for Otuke County came in Parliament after defeating Former Lands Minister Daniel Omara Atubo in the last general elections.
His voters also complain that he has failed them
5. Cissy Dionozia Namujju (Lwengo Woman MP)
The Lwengo district woman MP has performed below her voters’ expectations and according to records from Parliament she barely talks. She also lost fame when she supported the removal of the age limit.
6. Veronica Nanyondo (Bukomansimbi Woman MP)
The Bukomansimbi Woman MP Veronica Nanyondo came to limelight in 2016, after the death of her young sister the late Susan Namaganda who was the area MP.  According to people from her constituency, she has not delivered well, also records from the Parliament indicate her as a silent member although people still love her. Meanwhile, Youth Minister Florence  Nakiwala is eyeing her seat come 2021.
7. Andrew Kaluya (Kigulu County south)
This independent MP disappointed his constituents when he failed to choose a side during the age limit debate. His voters also say he has not performed below their expectations.
8. Amos Mandera (Buyamba county)
Mandera won last general elections on NRM ticket but when he supported the removal of age limit, his voters started opposing him. Also according to parliamentary records, his attendance is wanting.
9. Zaitun Driwaru (Yumbe district Women MP).
Defeating NRM’s Avako Melsa who had defeated the incumbent in NRM primaries, gave Driwaru a great milestone in her constituency however when she failed to show her side during the time of age limit debate, voters lost favour for her, she also rarely attends parliamentary sittings.
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