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How Dhokla Can Help in Weight Loss: Here’s The Recipe of This Popular Gujarati Dish (Watch Video)

Ibrahim Adediran

July. 11, 2020

Gujarati cuisine is famous worldwide, and dishes like jalebi, fafda, khandvi, khakhra are loved by many. However, the most famous Gujarati snack is dhokla, which is not only delicious but also healthy. The main reason is that it is steamed and not fried. The goodness of chickpeas, cumin and other ingredients can make dhokla quite a nutritious dish, which can also aid in weight loss. Bhel Puri For Weight Loss? Here's How You Should Eat Your Favourite Evening Snack (Watch Video)
Dhokla is usually prepared using a rice or besan batter. The two main processes involved in making the dhokla are fermenting and steaming. Dhokla is quite a filling snack. If eaten during the evening as a snack, it can help avoid overeating at dinner. Dhokla is rich in fibre, protein and carbohydrate which can help in the smooth functioning of the body. The best part about this Gujarati snack is that it is low in glycemic index value. Gur Chana for Strong Immune System: Why You Should Eat Roasted Gram With Jaggery for Good Health.
Dhokla For Weight Loss
Chickpeas or chana is an excellent source of protein and fibre, that can keep a person full for a longer time and reduce appetite. Also, proteins help in preserving muscles which, in turn, aid in burning calories. Dhokla is a fermented food that is easier to digest and the micro-organisms present in it break down complex protein, carbohydrates and fats into more easily assimilated molecules. This leads to a healthy gut that results in improved digestion, smooth bowel movement, increases energy levels and thereby also aids in loss of excess weight.
Chana Dal Dhokla Recipe
Dhokla is best enjoyed with coriander chutney or tamarind chutney. It must be noted that no matter how healthy a dish is, it should always be eaten in moderation. Also, do not depend solely on dhokla for weight loss. An overall healthy diet and regular exercise are necessary for a fit body.
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