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Ex Ruto ally Cate Waruguru goes on her knees to rally Laikipia youths behind Uhuru, Raila


July. 11, 2020

In a clear demonstration of loyalty and allegiance pronounced in broad daylight before dozens of youths, Laikipia Woman Rep Cate Waruguru went on her knees to rally her audience behind President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.
Waruguru, a former ally of Deputy President William Ruto and fiercest critic of Raila, left hundreds of youths at Majengo area in Laikipia county awestruck when she chose to address them while kneeling down.
In a passionate speech ridden with humorous verbal assaults and jibes directed at her former master, Waruguru, like a magic spellcaster, poked holes in Ruto's reputation as she pampered Baba and Uhuru with lulling political pronouncements that visibly thrilled her audience.
"My fellow youths just tell me, Raila has been in the opposition and has been salivating to be join the government, now he is in, and you want Waruguru to go and suffer in the opposition...we are sitting in the government. Uhuru is the president, Baba (Raila) ni baba na Mama ni mama (Raila is our father and I am your mother).
Like a messenger preparing the way for the coming of the king, the woman rep remained on her knees and asked the youths for assurance that they would welcome Uhuru and Raila when they visit the region.
So we have agreed when Uhuru comes to open the railway you will welcome him? Will you? let me see how many will welcome? She posed amid cheers.
"Majengo is for everyone and every tribe, the poor and the rich, big and small ones alike...if Baba wants to come we will welcome him, play kanungo and buy him fish," added Wairuguru
Waruguru urged Mt Kenya dwellers to strongly rally behind Uhuru and Raila to ensure the region actively remains in government after the 2022 elections.
" We must support the President and Raila who command big support in this country.Trying to fight them will not benefit us in any way," Waruguru said.
She warned Ruto against his continued show of disrespect to the president, noting that the DP had no option but to support the handshake if he was serious about ascending to power.
" If you want to be the head, then you must support whoever is the head now.This habit of people calling the president names of all manner must come to an end", Waruguru added.
The woman rep spoke during an empowerment meeting where she donated water tanks to youth and women groups.
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