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Controversy as Health Minister Ruth Aceng holds rally without putting on facemask amid Covid-19 crisis

Nyombe Alison

July. 11, 2020

Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng has sparked off an uproar on social media after holding a public meeting on Friday without putting on a facemask which contravenes the Presidential directives on covid-19.
In May, 2020, President Yoweri Museveni ordered mandatory wearing of facemasks for all Ugandans above six years of age whenever they go in public to control the spread of the pandemic.
“It is mandatory to cover the face with a cloth mask…because the virus rides on the droplets; it cannot fly by itself,” Museveni during his state of nation address on covid-19.
Following the President’s order, Minister Aceng has been at the frontline of sensitizing Ugandans to put on facemasks whenever they are moving out of their homes.
However, to people’s dismay, the minister has failed to lead by example after showing up at a public gathering without putting on a face mask.
In the photos making rounds on social media, Dr Aceng who recently declared her intention to contest for Lira district Woman MP seat is seen holding a mini rally in Lira without a face mask or observing social distancing.
Critics have since come out to condemn the minister for flouting the Presidential directives;
See comments;
Engundu Barnarbus In NRM Letter “R” represents Resistant to coronavirus so coronavirus attacks only opposition You check the RDC for kagadi She had a rally in this week
Lomuria Konyen Betty The more reason Ugandans are now reluctant of their directives, you cant communicate what your actions are contradicting..
Akhan A Ofudi It seems and it is NRM is above the law and gatherings and crowds ban is strictly for FDC but we shall overcome
Kagimu Saka Can Uganda police come up to give an explanation why some are caught captive while others are given protection yet both are defying presidential directives. And bring human life to danger. Can we balance the equation so that we have a proper chemical reaction.
Jude Thadeus Abaran I can even see a police officer enjoying himself without any inconvenience.Uganda zabu kweli.
James Wakuma Wakabenga Very true, elections shouldn’t be scientific. There’s no Covid19 anymore, government is likely to be covering up something.
Elias Arinaitwe that makes us to conclude that there is no Corona virus in Uganda, unless the Nrm regime wants to insinuate that they are immune from the pandemic ,bbagoga
Byaru Owa Christ Untill Ugandans understand that covid-19 is used for political gains.
Ssendyowa George Arteta They said social distance is for opposition
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