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A Lot of Men in Kigezi Are Fleeing Their Homes When Wives Deliver Triplets

Julius Erwaku

July. 11, 2020

In the Kigezi sub region, there has been a rise in cases of men fleeing their homes after their wives give birth to triplets or more, and experts and other stakeholders are puzzled.
Instead of standing with their wives, many men choose to escape, leaving the responsibility of raising the children to their wives.
In December 2018, Ms Prisca Nuwagaba, 39, a resident of Bugarambiro Village in Muko Sub-county in Rubanda district gave birth to triplets who were her 9th born. Her husband, Justus Turyamureba fled home and married his sister in-law.
Ms Niwagaba, who still works as a casual labourer, is still taking care of her children, alone.
Nakisencia Kyompeirwe, 27, a resident of Kara, Muko, in Rubanda district also produced triplets and her husband Francis Sabiti fled the hospital before he sold their house belongings and shifted to Kibaale District.
Sarah Niwandinda 29, of Kitunduguru village, Buhara parish, Buhara sub county in Kabale District last month stormed Kabale district Headquarters seeking for assistance to raise her triplets who are only nine months old.
Niwandinda said her husband, Silver Tindimwebwa, a former private security guard escaped home to Kanungu district and left her helpless.
Addressing the journalists at the district headquarters, Niwandinda said she had no food and no money at all and sought assistance from well-wishers.
When asked whether she talks with her husband, she said they talk often, but that the husband tells her he’s also poor, and that she should devise means as a woman.
“’I care about my children, but I have nothing; I can’t help’ is his response,” she said.
There is also Justine Kemigisha, 36, a mother of eight (including triplets), a resident of Butobore cell Nyakasharara Parish, Kaharo sub-county, Kabale district. Her husband fled home four years ago after giving birth and has never returned.
Lillian Kamusiime, a tour operator accuses men of being fearful of responsibilities.
“I don’t know why men choose to escape after being blessed with triplets. Normally we expect them to keep together but it’s very bad and dangerous especially if mothers were casual laborers” Kamusiime said.
Kamusiime has been taking care of Prisca Nuwagaba since the day she was neglected by her husband after giving birth to triplets.
Florence Tumuheirwe, the Executive Director of Kigezi Women in Development-KWID says most of the roles supposed to be done by men are now being done by women in Kigezi.
She also blames families for failing to embrace family planning.
“How do you produce seven, eight children? I think families need to be re-educated on the importance of family planning. If these families had embraced family planning, mostly of the men wouldn’t be escaping” Tumuheirwe said.
According to the 2016 Demographic Health Survey 2016 by the Uganda Bureau of statistics-UBOS, the country’s total fertility rate is at 5.4 while in south-western region (Kigezi) is at 4 children.
Catherine Ndamira Atwakire, the Kabale District Woman Member of Parliament commenting on the matter, urged men to work harder by embracing saving.
“It’s painful that women are left to suffer while raising the children alone.  When men leave, women are burdened to take care of a huge family which is almost impossible”
“I want to advise men and others who intend to have families to always prepare ahead in time. They should work hard, save some money to assist them in future. Those uncertainties can be easily handled if families saved some money” Ndamira said.
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