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My Wife Cheated On Me With Her Male Best Friend

Aba Brew

July. 02, 2020

I will keep this to the point as possible.  I have been married for 6 years and I just found out that my wife has been cheating on me with her childhood best friend.
My wife cheated on me just before we got married and continued to after.
Recently, my wife has been visiting her home town every weekend with the excuse of missing her parents.
One time I even wanted to go with her and she refused
Last two weeks, when she left on Friday night to visit her parents, I decided to surprise her there so, I left to her home town on Saturday morning.
When I arrived, my in-laws were surprised and the 1st question they asked was that, why didn’t I come with my wife and that it’s been a long time since they saw her.
I was shocked but I kept my cool and gave them excuses on how busy she was.
On my way back home, I was in a state of shock and I wonder how I made it to the house.
When she came home, I asked her how her parents were doing and she lied to my face so much that I felt sick to my stomach.
The following week I decided to find out the truth.
I followed her that Friday night and she ended up at a hotel and right in front my eyes, her male best friend came out from his car and they shared a kiss before entering the hotel
I wept like a child throughout the night and I made my decision to leave her.
When she came home, I didn’t even bother asking her any questions and I put it straight to her that I wanted a divorce and that I have seen all that she has done.
My wife just collapsed and I rushed her to the hospital. She gained consciousness after 3 days and the doctors are telling me to take it easy with her.
I just want to leave and go but I also feel sorry for her right now. What should I do.
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