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HELP!!! I Have Been Having Great S3X With My Boss But I Now Want More


Jun. 29, 2020

I have been sleeping with my boss for the last six months. We always agreed it had been just s*x, but now I’ve developed romantic feelings for her.
I’m a 23-year-old girl and my boss is 39. She features a little boy aged eight and is currently separating from her husband after nine years.
She hired me last summer and that we hit it off immediately . I wasn’t during a relationship and although she was married, it had been obvious things weren’t good reception .
As she need to know me she started confiding in me more and more. we might often meet after work for a drink.
She told me she was missing the closeness of a physical relationship and asked me how i used to be coping being single. it had been a touch of a private question but I admitted that I missed s*x, too.
She then suggested we could have a no-strings relationship, almost the s*x with no feelings involved. i used to be hesitant initially on the other hand thought, “Why not?”. i used to be interested in her physically and she or he obviously felt an equivalent about me.
We started meeting up for s*x regularly, mostly at my place as her husband was still living together with her at the time. Then coronavirus struck and she or he couldn’t come around to my place any longer .
We do tons of labor from home now but we stay in-tuned regularly and have managed to satisfy up in our office a couple of times for s*x as we are key workers.
She is separating from her husband as soon as possible and my feelings for her are growing stronger by the day.
I really want to inform her how I feel but I don’t want to mention anything which may risk our friendship in any case this.
 I'm so confused about the way to approach this without putting her off as she was the one who said it had been just to be s*x and zip more.
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