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Becca bleached to please her Nigerian husband-Akua Blakofe


Jun. 29, 2020

Ghanaian singer Becca known in real life as Rebecca Akosua Acheampong has been in the news for some time now for bleaching her skin. Reports show that the musician looked more light skinned than she was known to be.
She later came to deny all those claims saying she never bleached her skin and still looked the same. This issue seemed to have died off for some time until she released her current single titled No One.
Some of the lyrics in the song said she was black and proud and this has caused a lot of talks among a lot of people one of them being Akua Blakofe who is the former deputy chief executive officer of Ghana tourism development company.
She stated that Becca was bleaching to please her Nigerian husband. According to Akua most Nigerian women are fair so since Becca was dark she decided to get the same color as the women who were from the same country with her man.
Akua again added that she was no longer a fan of the singer and wonders how her husband is able to live with a woman who bleaches her skin since most women who do that smell.
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