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The Best Times Couples Should Have S3x

Aba Brew

Jun. 27, 2020

 S3x is awesome and it’s a great way to restart the human body. It makes you fall in love with your partner day in and day out.
S3x is more enjoyable when all things are in place. Check out the best times ever to get busy.
1)  Ovulation
Most women get extremely wet during ovulation period. The body’s way of promoting procreation. The libia and clitoris get extra sensitive around this time, that’s your body’s way of promoting your pleasure.
2)  Early Morning
Early morning s3x is believed to help glow up your skin and give you a refreshing, boost of energy.
S3x in the morning just hits different because your body is ready for it. That’s because estrogen and testosterone levels are at their peak during this time.
3)  Weekends
After a stressful week of meeting at your work place, nothing helps you unwind more than a Saturday morning cuddle which sets the mood for passionate relaxed s3x.
4)  Spontaneous S3x
The monotony of being in a relationship for a long time sometimes spoils the romance, having unexpected spontaneous s3x just because you can and feel like it, will be the best thing that will happen in your s3x life.
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