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6 Things Men Really See When You Go Naked

Phil Opt

Jun. 24, 2020

This is an interesting topic and you might be just as inquisitive about it because no one knows the mind of a man. But guess what, even though you’ve been married for a long time now, whenever he sees you naked, it is something else.
Irrespective of the stretch marks and those extra pounds you’ve gained sees something entirely different from what you have been thinking he sees.
Here are 6 things he is actually seeing;
1.   The C section scare on you
Men are much less observant of what a lady perceives as a flaw on her body. They hardly see any C-section scare or stretch mark if you hardly bring it up during a conversation.
2.   He sees you
Women complain that whenever a man is busy he hardly takes notice of them, however, there is a way to prove it wrong. Even when he is busy, get naked in front of him and all that he will think of is just you.
3.   He doesn’t want it to end quickly
Don’t be worried if during s3x he hardly pays attention to what you’re saying because the intention is to last longer and not end quickly. Men have always been worried about how to last longer in order to satisfy you.
4.   It's not always s3x
Taking your clothes off does not always trigger a call for s3x because sometimes all that men want is to cuddle with your unclothed body, not doing anything else.
5.   Don’t be in a rush
The truth is men want to see you naked a bit longer because they want to see you looking comfortable in your in the skin. Imagine cooking in the kitchen with just lingerie and bra.
6.   He wants you in
I can’t imagine any single guy who doesn’t want to have the partner join him in the shower after work. The size of the bathroom doesn’t matter because the smaller the size, the creative it becomes or gets.
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