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Coronavirus: 'I won't be able to hold my daughter or give her a kiss'

Sharif maundo

Jun. 06, 2020

A Turkish man is preparing to enter quarantine in the same house as his Scottish wife and severely disabled daughter, more than three months after they last saw each other.
Kerem Koseoglu's daughter Ayla has a rare genetic condition and is being shielded from coronavirus.
The 50-year-old property developer hopes to travel to the UK next week and told the BBC: "I won't be able to cuddle my daughter."
'I won't be able to hold her'
"I'll be able to see her from a distance, with masks or whatever, but I won't be able to hold her or give her a kiss. That's going to be very difficult for me but I'll have to cope with it."
Kerem normally divides his time between Turkey and Sauchie in Clackmannanshire, where his wife Caroline Johnstone has spent the lockdown looking after Ayla.
The eight-year-old has Edwards' Syndrome and a weakened immune system. She also suffers from seizures, skeletal issues, gastrointestinal problems and breathing difficulties.
Image copyright Kerem Koseoglu Image caption Initially Kerem will only be able to see Ayla and his wife Caroline in the garden
Most children with Edwards' Syndrome die before, or shortly after, birth and very few reach the age of one.
Ayla is regarded as something of a medical miracle but Covid-19 has presented a new threat to her life.
Next week, all being well, Karem will see his family for the first time since February.
The new rules on quarantine mean he'll have to live in a separate part of the house for 14 days.
'Going to be hard'
He'll sleep in a spare bed in the study, use the upstairs bathroom and only see his wife and daughter from a distance in their back garden.
"I'm just looking forward to seeing them," he said. "It's going to be hard to be quarantined in the same place but it should be OK.
"I have to be extra careful. Her life is very important for me and for my wife. I'm looking forward to seeing them but at the same time I'm very cautious."
Image copyright Kerem Koseoglu Image caption Ayla is regarded as something of a medical miracle
Despite the difficulties he'll face, Karem doesn't oppose the quarantine.
"They say this virus lasts two weeks. I wouldn't risk my daughter's life or my wife's life so I will cope for two weeks.
"It has been extremely difficult. It's the first time I've stayed away from my wife and daughter for so long.
"Normally I travel back every month. I usually spend 10 days in Scotland and 20 days in Turkey.
"It's been horrible but Caroline has been mother and father to Ayla all this time. She is the best mother in the world.
"I know the two weeks will be hard but eventually I will be able to cuddle her and give her hugs and everything will be fine."
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