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Litter and toilet roll left at Yorkshire beauty spots


May. 31, 2020

Crowds of visitors have left mounds of litter including used toilet roll and nappies at Yorkshire beauty spots, angry residents have said.
Hundreds of people flocked outdoors to enjoy the weather with concerns social distancing guidance was being flouted.
In Ilkley, West Yorkshire, toilet roll and dirty nappies were left dumped behind bushes and trees.
Councillor Anne Hawkesworth said: "What we've seen has been deplorable. It seems people have just run riot."
On Saturday, groups gathered on the banks of the town's River Wharfe with people jumping off the bridge into the water.
Image copyright Ruth Barritt Image caption Bins have been left overflowing in the town
Resident Andrew Dobson, 46, said the area was left an "eyesore" with barbecues dumped and the grass scorched.
"There were people jumping off the bridge, toilet paper behind bushes and trees and dirty nappies.
"You want people to come to this area - I am very lucky to live here, but when you go down there and see the state of it, just take your stuff home with you."
Image caption Residents in Burnsall said driveways and pavements had been blocked by an influx of cars
Image copyright Twitter Image caption One police community support officer tweeted her experience
Resident Christine Neasham, whose mother recently died in a care home in the town with Covid-19, said she found the crowds extremely distressing.
She added: "It could be someone else's parent, grandparent or sibling as a result of this."
Sunbathers flout social distancing guidance 'Hundreds' breach Covid-19 restrictions in Yorkshire
Meanwhile, in Burnsall in the Yorkshire Dales, cars have been double parked on the narrow streets and litter dumped by visitors.
Image copyright Other Image caption Residents have pleaded with people to take their rubbish when they leave
Resident Mark Fox said: "This past week there has been a perfect storm of nonsensical parking and a disrespect to the villagers trying to carry out their normal life.
"Everyone seems to have landed here and caused complete and utter disruption."
Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan said: "I would say if you are going somewhere and you see a crowd just turn around and go somewhere else."
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