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Bizarre As Naked Man Officiates Wedding Of Naked Couple With 40 Naked Guests

Emmanuel Ayamga

May. 20, 2020

This is not one of the scenes one would imagine hearing about in recent times in a Hollywood movie.
Media reports say a couple have had their marriage ceremony conducted in front of 40 naked guests and officiated by a naked marriage official.
Nigel Seymour, 59, Rachel, 30, met on a nudist holiday three years ago, enjoyed romance and then got engaged six months.
Nigel proposed to his now-wife in front of 400 naked strangers while on a trip.
Rachel, a care assistant, and her husband Nigel, decided they would be married while naked, surrounded by their closest friends and family.
“Our naked wedding made perfect sense, as it meant I didn’t have to spend £1,000 on a wedding dress,” Nigel said.
“Getting married in the buff with your friends and family is still just as magical an experience. It felt really freeing.”
Rachel also added: “We met in the buff, Nigel proposed in the buff and we had a ceremony naked. It closed the chapter.”
It is further reported that Rachel joked that all guests had to bring to her “fun” naked wedding was a towel and sun cream, and nothing else.
Niger said “But we loved every minute of it.”
Report says frantic efforts were made in search of an official who could officiate the wedding ceremony, of course naked himself though it is still unclear if he was offered anything in that regard.
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