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YOU WILL BE SHOCKED! Meet The Tribe That Are Unaware Of The Existence Of Other People


May. 18, 2020

The Korowai people, also known as the Kolufo people, are found in West Papua in the Indonesian Province of Papua, close to Papua New Guinea.
Anthropologists claim these people were unaware of the existence of other people until the 1970s.
Contrary to beliefs that they inhabit in tree houses, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) says that the tree houses were built for “the benefit of overseas programme-makers.”
The Korowai are horticulturists and possess fishing skills. Although there is not much information about their culture, there are a few traditional gender-specific roles they observe.
Marriage is usually determined by the kinsmen. They specify the exact group that one must get married into but would prefer that a son gets married to his grandmother’s brother’s daughter.
A deeply religious people, they believe in a red-headed God called Gimigi. Gimigi is the all-knowing whose glory is told through myths, folktales, and through their traditions. They also have a unique understanding of reincarnation: anyone who dies has the potential of being sent back to earth by reincarnating through another body.
To wade off evil from their land, there is a firm belief in the passing out the judgement of cannibalism. When a witch (known as the Khakhua) enters into a man’s body, the people resort to killing and eating him to prevent the evil curse/effect from spreading.
Yet, only a few of these people make it up to 40 due to their inability to treat sicknesses and their little knowledge of germ protection. These people believe that it is the Khakhua that takes over their bodies.
Until 1974, they were engaged in fire making. With the recent tourist expeditions, they have become exposed to other cultures and some have moved onto other settlements.
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