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JUSTICE WILL BE DONE! Most Wanted Rwanda Genocide Suspect Arrested in Paris, France


May. 17, 2020

According to BBC, Félicien Kabuga, one of the most wanted suspects of the Rwandan genocide, has been arrested near Paris, the French justice ministry announced today.
The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda has charged the 84-year-old with genocide and crimes against humanity. Mr Kabuga was detained in a dawn raid in Asnières-sur-Seine, where he had been living under a false identity. See below: 
He is alleged to have been the main financier of the ethnic Hutu extremists who slaughtered 800,000 people in 1994.
A special report conducted by South Africa in 1994 documented the massacre. See below: 
The criminal from the Hutu ethnic group is accused of being one of the main financiers of the Rwandan genocide, paying for the militias that carried out the massacres.
He also founded and funded the notorious Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines (RTLM), a Rwandan broadcaster that actively encouraged people to search out and kill anyone who was from the Tutsi ethnic group. See below:
The fact that he has been found on the outskirts of Paris living under a false name is surprising.
For many years, Félicien Kabuga was thought to be living in Kenya, where powerful politicians were accused of thwarting efforts to get him arrested.
"The arrest of Félicien Kabuga today is a reminder that those responsible for genocide can be brought to account, even 26 years after their crimes," Chief prosecutor of the tribunalSerge Brammertz said in a statement.
"For international justice, Kabuga's arrest demonstrates that we can succeed when we have the international community's support," he added.
Mr Brammertz expressed his appreciation to France, but said essential contributions had also been made by Rwanda, Belgium, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the US, Europol and Interpol.
Moreover, some non-mainstreaming alleged that Rwanda President Kagame & RDF held accountable for the unfold of the genocide, an accusation that Rwanda authorities denied.
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