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Renowned Ugandan Musician And Producer To Face Disciplinary Action Over Sexual Harassment Claims

Dave KE

March. 25, 2020

The Ugandan Music Association (UMA), a group licensed by the National Union of Creative Performing Artists and Allied Workers (NUCPAAW), and represents musicians, producers and artist managers, is set to investigate the s3xual allegations against renown producer, Daddy Andre made by an upcoming artist, Nadia Rania.
Speaking in an interview with NBS TV, the association's president Sophie Gombya vowed not to let the matter go.
"We are going to investigate. Gone are the days when they used to say musicians are prostitutes and con artists. We are going to handle this situation without negotiation. I have not yet spoke to Daddy Andre but he has to go before the tribunal. And everyone out there, you should learn how to respect women.
"We are not going to let it go but support her. We will listen to what Andre says and the tribunal will decide the outcome." Sophie Gombya said.
Nadia came out on national TV and accused Daddy Andre of s3xual harassment. As a young artist, Nadia wanted to work with Andre because he was trending but it did not turn out as she expected. She recorded her single but Daddy Andre allegedly added in his verses without her permission because he loved her song and vocals.
According to Nadia, during the planned video shoot, Daddy Andre stalled and when he called him, the producer made s3xual advances towards her.
UMA exists to protect, promote and preserve Ugandan music, and advocate for the interests of its members to the government, the music industry, the media and the public. So it is not a surprise that they have been involved in this matter.
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