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Dear Scooper, I Honestly Want To Punch My Mother In Law In The Face


March. 25, 2020

Dear Scooper,
I know that you have heard several stories about bad mother inlaws, and sometimes you think these stories are exaggerated.
Oh well. No.
My mother is the King Kong of all mother inlaws. She is the Naira Marley of bad behaviour.
She is Satan and that is putting it mildly.
I swear I will beat my mother inlaw one day if she does not stop her madness.
My mother inlaw thinks we are one nonsense competition.
She  once asked my children to keep secrets from me and their dad
She is always trying to mediate in our marital disputes and takes offense when we don't tell her.
One time she tried to rearrange my house.
She enters our bedroom without knocking.
She always offer unsolicited advice.
Many times she show up unannounced.
And has the audacity to criticize my  cooking, parenting etc.
What do I do?
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