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2 sad mistake you are making when using hand sanitizers


March. 24, 2020

2 sad mistake you are making when using hand sanitizers
Hand sanitizers are liquid gels that are manufactured to help kill germs and disinfectant surfaces. With the outbreak of Covid-19, hand sanitizers are back in trend as people are now aware about how incredibly effective they are in fighting the virus.
However it is so important that you learn how to buy hand sanitizers and also how to recognize the ones that are most effective to keep you and your loved one's safe and protected.
1. Before you buy a hand sanitizer, look out for the alcohol content. The higher the concentration of alcohol, the better and more effective the hand sanitizer will be in helping you kill germs.
2. It is written at the bottle pack. Some will have 25 percent, 30, 40, 50, while some can even have 65. Always look for the ones with the highest concentration.
So don't just pick any hand sanitizer that appeals to you visually during this trying time. Always look out for the Alcohol content. The higher, the better.
Please share. You might save a life.
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