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£15,000 Butt Implant Gone Completely Wrong

Edwin Abanga

March. 23, 2020

A Thirty-three (33) year old woman has received the disappointment of her life after a butt implant operation costing her £15,000 fell short of meeting her expectation.
Star Delguidice decided to go for butt implants while undergoing surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. She opted for implants that were twice the recommended size and endured fat being drained from her thighs, arms, and tummy in a bid to achieve her ideal bottom.
Although she was pleased with the initial results, Star’s behind has proceeded to droop substantially, leaving her looking as though she was wearing a “nappy”.
The embarrassing situation has left Star in dire need of plastic surgeons who can fix her “nappy bum”. This is not Star’s first time under the knife. She has already spent some £200,000 on cosmetic procedures
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