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Shocking!Check Out Burale's Reaction After Checking Sister's Body In The Morgue

Waridi KE

Feb. 25, 2020

Stylish pastor Robert Burale is mourning the passing on of his sister Sarah.She died while receiving treatment at a local hospital, a few days ago.
 Announcing the news on social media, Burale penned an emotional message which read,
''My sister sarah …words fail me …the phone call from the doctor that you are no more hit me like a thunderbolt.this is hard….really hard ..rest well my sister…dad and our two brothers had gone before you…enter into the heavens triumphantly..you fought a good fight ….you ran a good race and have now finished your race. rest well my sister sarah ''
Yesterday, the stylish pastor visited the morgue, where his sister’s body is being kept and was left with several questions lingering on his mind after viewing her body.Explaining his experience at the morgue, Burale wrote,
''So today i go to see my sisters body and hand over her clothes for dressing one final time and the morgue attendant (nicholas) great guy says “please confirm this is the body ” and i see my sister peaceful wrapped in a white sheet like cargo….and something went through my mind …..now she cannot identify herself …i had to confirm she is the one.
''Her colleagues also came in and saw the pain on their faces ……in her silence we spoke for her because when she was alive she was operating in her place of calling. Her works have followed her. Today i ask you one question when you breath your last “who will come and identify you”? When you become “cargo” who will carry your body to the final resting place with deep honesty and pride that they knew you and you left a mark? It is appointed for man to die then judgement.
As you read this you are one day closer to your last.
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