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Frustrations At The workplace: Women Are Sharing The Things They Wish Their Male Colleagues Would Stop Doing

Bertina KE

Feb. 24, 2020

In a thread on Reddit , women have been sharing some of their frustrations in the workplace . And while in isolation they might seem harmless enough, each instance adds up to a much bigger issue.
Stop expecting women to do the "mom" jobs around the office
Even among adults in a professional setting, there remains a skewed idea that certain tasks are better suited to women. These tend to fall outside of official job descriptions, like arranging a colleague's birthday, organizing a work outing, or keeping the office kitchen clean. In other words, domestic-adjacent chores that don't garner extra pay. One argument for why this is seen as "women's work" is that so many men grow up in households where their mothers take responsibility for all of these things. But this is the 21st century , my dudes. Cut it out and be an adult.
"The one thing that is really annoying is expecting the women to arrange all the social activities, the birthday cakes, the farewell cards, the morning teas etc. I hate that sh!t."
 "Party planner is not in my job description and I will not do it. Hate that stuff."
Don't treat your female colleagues like an unofficial secretary
Similarly, plenty of dudes in offices assume that any woman working with them is some kind of administrative assistant, regardless of their actual title or qualifications. It's s3xist and belittling.
"I'm the Communications Lead in my current company/on my program, and it's essentially a project manager position. Almost all my colleagues at my level are dudes, and at least once a week, one of them will ask me to book a room for them, check the status of an order they placed, order lunch for a meeting they are having and other admin-related things. I'm not your fuck!ng admin, dude, and just because I have a vag!na doesn't mean that if you don't have an admin, I get to fill that roll. F#ck. OFF."
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