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Claude Onesta notes “a general weakening” of France


Feb. 18, 2020

The manager of high performance at the National Sports Agency (ANS) Claude Onesta, estimated Tuesday that the level of results of France at the Olympic Games suffered “a general weakening”, placing between 35 and 42 medals the potential of the Blues in Tokyo this summer.
“We will have a level of medals in the 35/42 range, despite the 38 podiums added to the Games with additional disciplines (skateboarding, surfing, climbing etc.), said Claude Onesta at a press briefing on Tuesday.
“We have a general weakening, we are on a downward curve. The competition is working better than before. A medal to win today is more complicated, more expensive than 10 or 15 years ago. If we don’t transform our organization, we will suffer more from this improved competition, ”he argued.
Created in April 2019, the ANS aims to embody a new model and the ambitions of France at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. It is notably within this agency, and no longer at the Ministry, that the amounts of subsidies to federations for the high level. The ANS advances for 2020 the figures of 60.2 million euros in support to federations (down one million compared to 2019) and 11.8 million euros in personalized aid.
The former coach of the “Experts” of handball (two Olympic titles and three world in particular) called for “transformations” in the French sports model.
“These transformations couldn’t happen just before the Tokyo Games. We tried not to shake up the system, but rather to identify actions to help athletes prepare in the best conditions and give them the tools to perform, “he added, indicating that the ANS had identified around 500 more or less long-term “medal-winning” athletes who could be helped (budget for supervision, search for a professional contract to generate income …).
“The day after Tokyo, we will embark on the adventure of Paris-2024, so we will implement the transformations. We will renovate the French sports model in the coming months (…) Today, the best athletes are looking less and less to live the experience of others. They isolate themselves, set up their personal cell, “he said.
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