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How To Support A Working Mother As A Working Father

Billy KE

Feb. 17, 2020

According to a Pew Research Center analysis of long-term time-use data (1965–2011), fathers in dual-income couples devote significantly less time than mothers engage in child care.
This is an imbalance that can leave your spouse frustrated. Consider these ways to support your working spouse:
1. Have higher expectations for yourself as a father; you are a parent
Know who your paediatrician is and how to reach him or her. Have a back-up plan for transportation and emergency coverage.
Don’t simply expect your partner to manage all these invisible tasks on her own. Parenting takes effort and preparation for the unexpected.
2. Treat your partner the way you’d want to be treated
“I am in the middle of a meeting. What do you want me to do about it?” is a familiar response by husbands to women calls. However, when the tables are turned, men often make that same call at the first sign of trouble. When you’re in charge of the kids, do what she would do. Figure it out.
3. When you need to take care of your kids, don’t make excuses
This implies that the children are her first priority and your second. Why is it so hard for men to admit they have personal responsibilities? Remember that you are setting an example for your sons and daughters, and do the right thing.
4. As a manager, be supportive of both your male and female colleagues when unexpected situations arise at home
No one likes or wants disruptions, but life happens, and everyone will face a day when the troubling phone call comes from his sitter, her school nurse, or even elderly parents.
Accommodating personal needs is not a sign of weakness as a leader. 
5. Don’t keep score or track time
At home, it’s juvenile to get into debates about who last changed a diaper or did the dishes; everyone needs to contribute, but the big picture is what matters. Is everyone healthy and getting enough sleep? Are you enjoying each other’s company?
In business, too, avoid the trap of punching a clock. The focus should be on outcomes and performance rather than effort and inputs. 
-Life Hacks Organization
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