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Bad Culture: Problems Ladies Face For Being Typical African Women

Barongo KE

Feb. 16, 2020

The greatest gift that God gave to women is the ability to endure the pain of pregnancy which is  prove that they can endure any hardships.
However, a typical woman nowadays wakes up really early in the morning to prepare breakfast, wake up her kids prepare breakfast and escort the kids to school.  She will never buy fat food because she cares for the health of her kids. 
 She will then go to work for ten hours. She might be exhausted and exert the rest of her energy doing housework. This may make them exhausted and even lack time to attend to their husband desires.
After several years, such women get health problems due to exhaustion and psychological issues. Some might have be discarded by their husbands while some might have to endure divorce and financial pressure as they become single mothers. And even if they unconditionally love their kids, their kids might naively blame them because they cannot provide them with luxurious lives like that of their friends or people on TV. Moreover, the cliche about  women is that they are sullen, moody, and querulous.
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