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Relief For Women: Discovery That Will Reduce Pain During Labor

Barongo KE

Feb. 14, 2020

A study has shown that immersion on virtual reality may relieve pain during child birth. Forty women who were hospitalized in labor were exposed to a thirty minutes test and those who used the virtual reality reported pain reduction compared to others. This was done by the researchers who gave the report during the meeting for the Society for Maternal –Fetal Medicine held in Texas.
However, the researchers have said the next step is to test the technology for longer periods in laboring women. The researchers want to know if the technology will help reduce the pain for the entire labor period and not only thirty minutes.
Patients in the control group also had a significantly higher heart rate after the test period, which was one of the secondary outcomes Wong’s team looked at. There were no statistically meaningful differences between the groups in blood pressure or delivery outcomes.
If this virtual reality will succeed and is fully adopted, women will have it easy going through labor and giving birth. This will be a milestone to women’s health as it will also reduce complications during birth.
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