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John Krasinski Says Chris Hemsworth Tanked His Captain America Audition

Onyeka Emeribe

Feb. 14, 2020

During his recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Krasinski retold the tale of how it was Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth , who tanked his chances of being Cap.
"They were like, let's see who else is out there before we offer it to Chris Evans ," he said. "And I went in and I tested for Captain America. I got to wear the suit, which was really fun. This is a true story. So I was putting the suit on. And the guy was like, this is really momentous, and I said, yes! And I was putting the suit on, and I was halfway up, not wearing any other clothes other than this... and right at that moment, Chris Hemsworth walked by, and he was like, you look good, mate. And I was like, nope. You know what? It's fine. We don't have to do this... He was just, like, jacked. He's like, you're going to look great in the suit, and I was like, don't make fun of me Hemsworth! And so I just walked away right there."
He was kidding, naturally: he went on to say "I acted my heart out that day, but it didn't work out." The role eventually went to Evans, but Krasinski didn't hold it against his fellow Bostonian: the pair recently starred together in Hyundai's Super Bowl commercial .
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