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Man who was framed by boss and got arrested for burglary received $600,000 in compensation

Awaj Negari

Feb. 13, 2020

According to the daily mail on February 12, a black American man was retaliated by his boss after he submitted a complaint about racial discrimination at work to his boss. After receiving the complaint, the boss not only did not investigate and deal with it, but also let his police friends carry out illegal investigation on the employee, and took him to the police station for eight hours. On February 11, the framed employee received $600000 in compensation.
Michael Fisher, 48, from Portland, Oregon, is reported to have run an auto auction business at a company. One day, he filed a complaint with his boss, Eric Benson, about racial discrimination at work. After receiving the complaint, Benson asked his friend Terry TEMIs, the former police chief of Xilin, to monitor him and investigate false accusations that he stole from the company.
Although TAMIS' men did not find any evidence of any wrongdoing or theft, they arrested him and took away his cell phone, cash and a letter he wrote to his boss, recording the racial discrimination he faced at work. He was then released eight hours after being held at the police station, and later was called back to the police station to get his things. There, the police told him that he had been fired.
Fisher filed a lawsuit against Benson, questioning Benson's dismissal after he filed a discrimination complaint. It wasn't long before the police demanded that the theft charges against Fischer be reinstated. Fisher was charged with five counts of first-class theft, based largely on testimony from Benson and another police officer. At this time, his boss proposed that if he rescinded the dismissal lawsuit, he would rescind the theft charge against him, but fisher refused the conditions proposed by the boss. After that, Fisher and his lawyer obtained the text message evidence that Benson asked the police chief for help, Benson dismissed the charges against him. In the end, Fisher's lawsuit against Benson was ended with $415000.
Then, fisher filed a lawsuit against the police station, accusing the local police department of illegal arrest, malicious prosecution, defamation and invasion of privacy. Feiser said that the previous charges of theft against him were false, there was no evidence, and the police did not have an arrest warrant when he was arrested. He also said he took legal action against the police to make sure that it didn't happen to another black man. According to the report, on February 11, fisher received $600000 compensation from the station to compensate him for the mental pain and economic loss caused by the whole incident.
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