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Coronavirus, Hope for the EU: “Stop flights across Europe and pay attention to Africa”


Feb. 13, 2020

The Minister of Health uses the parterre of the extraordinary Council of EU Health Ministers which was held in Brussels – on a proposal from Italy – to urge a common approach towards the virus
by Barbara Gobbi
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He claims the highest alert that has led Italy to suspend flights to and from China and asks Europe to act with “prudence” and “courage”. By keeping our guard high to block the spread of the virus even in that potential powder keg that is Africa. The health minister Roberto Speranza he uses the parterre of the extraordinary Council of EU Health Ministers which was held in Brussels – on a proposal from Italy – to solicit a common approach towards the virus.
For Minister Speranza, “particular attention must be paid to all forms of international travel” that Italy has obtained to include in the Council’s final document. At the end of the summit, the minister clarified that at the moment “there are no reasons to reduce circulation at European level”, but underlines that on the blocking of flights with China “today’s meeting indicates that there is greater awareness on the part of all European countries that this is the most appropriate route “.
For Italy, the highest priority «From what we are observing in China and in particular in the city of Wuhan from which the infection started, the health management of the new virus is very complicated once its spread reaches significant numbers. It can reach one in 5 patients, therefore 20%, who may need intensive care and respiratory assistance. Numbers that can put even important and solid national health services such as those in the European Union in difficulty. This is why we must prevent the spread with timeliness and courage, with prevention policies. We in Italy have taken rigorous measures following the principle of maximum caution and maximum precaution, we have suspended all direct flights to and from China and we carry out tight checks in all ports and airports in the country. It is clear that the main game is played in China, but we must do everything possible to slow down and stop the global spread ».
More coordination in the EU Health Minister Roberto Speranza speaks at the extraordinary summit of EU health ministers on the coronavirus emergency – of which Italy itself is a proposing country – confirming the maximum alert and asking his counterparts to close ranks against the Covid-19 virus. “We are dealing with a serious problem – said Speranza – which we cannot underestimate in any way. Europe – he continued – must give a strong and coordinated response to avoid spreading. Together we can do it but we need prudence, attention and a lot of courage ».
Africa alert The alert is double, for a country like ours stretched in the Mediterranean, one step away from Africa. And it is always Hope to underline it: “I feel a double responsibility, not only for my country and for Europe, but also for the African continent, which is very close to us. The national health services of African countries are much more fragile and a potential spread of the virus in that part of the world could have very serious consequences, “said the minister, addressed in the first instance to the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, the Cypriot Stella Kyriakides .
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