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Balcedo broke the silence from prison: I want to go back to Argentina and defend myself

Olulade kehinde

Feb. 13, 2020

In statements to the AM 750 radio, he considered himself a “political prisoner” after saying he was jailed because his union was one of the most “combative” against the management of Vidal, although it had just begun when he was arrested.
While, Uruguayan Justice also accuses him of money laundering, smuggling, international trafficking in firearms, ammunition, explosives and other related materials; and the prosecution has already requested eleven years in prison for him. He was arrested in 2017, was imprisoned for a year and since May 2018 he has been in house prison in the country of Charrua.
Yesterday, the SOEME was the scene of a trade union dispute, as leaders who still respond to Balcedo approached the building of Salta 534 to “recover” the conduction, arguing that they had the endorsement of Justice to displace the current owner, Adrian de Marco . Consequently, incidents were unleashed and the facilities were destroyed.
Now, the leader said that his “teammates” went “only to make an act of presence and got into the union because they are affiliated” and “were attacked by pathovians,” although the current leadership says otherwise.
The request for extradition to Argentina made by Ernesto Kreplak , holder of Federal Court No. 3 of La Plata, It is still pending.
“I would like to return to my country to be able to testify and defend myself. They have me imprisoned, they blocked all my funds and I am not even prosecuted. Kreplak already took my union and made me close the newspaper Today, leaving 600 people in the street. They closed the newspaper because he was a Peronist, “Balcedo concluded.
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