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Exposed! Things From Men Ladies Should Count Red Flag in Relationships

Barongo KE

Feb. 11, 2020

Relationships come with challenges – challenges of different types from trust to wrong expressions. Men usually do not know how to express themselves when they mess in relationships as compared to women. Here are expressions that should worry you if they come from your male partner:
1.      “Whom do you want to trust now, ME or THEM”
“THEM” here means the ladies’ mother, family and best friends. This expression shows that your hubby has lied to you and has no words to defend himself, other than to seek sympathy. This kind of a man wants you to believe that they were on the right.
2.      “I am really stressed , I need some time to reorganize”
This is a red alert to ladies. The man has a girl that just said “yes” to his proposals. Prepare yourself psychologically and run away from this man.
3.      “You deserve BETTER.”
This one has probably stalked you and has realized you won’t give in their demands. He a lazy man but he’s also a good pretender. I mean which Man doesn’t want an awesome woman?
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