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My“There Will Be No Tonga President” Statement Was taken Out of Context -Bizwell Mutale


Feb. 10, 2020

Patriotic Front national mobilization committee member Bizwell Mutale has put the record straight regarding the alleged tribal remarks that were attributed to him. He notes that there will only be a Zambian as opposed to a regional president.
Speaking this morning when he featured on the PF interactive forum, Mr. Mutale said his comment last week in Pemba when he said “there will be no Tonga president” was taken out of context, clarifying that  no president can hail from a region because a president needs to serve the people of Zambians and have a national character.
Mr. Mutale said his comment was to remind the Tonga speaking people that they should not merely vote for a tonga president because he comes from a particular region.
“The fight against tribalism is what I have dedicated my life to. Am a nationalist who believes that no tribe is special or superior to the other” Mr. Mutale emphasized.
He also advised the media not to deliberately distort information and not report on partisan lines as that risks the country’s peace and security.
He, therefore, pledged not to be derailed from his mission to contribute to development in any part of the country and assured that he will not take any legal action against the journalist who misrepresented facts in his comment.
And speaking earlier PF media director Sunday Chanda condemned the recent utterances attributed to UPND president Hakainde Hichilema for dragging President Edgar Lungu’s late mother in his politics but assured that the PF will not fall for such petty politics.
He said desperation by the UPND to win elections has led them to do things that risk putting the country on fire.
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