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Ladies: Never Share This About Your Relationship If You Want Peace

Barongo KE

Feb. 10, 2020

Ladies are known to be extroverts in that they can share many details about themselves and their relationships compared to men. Psychologists argue that sharing is health and it is one of the things that make women live longer than men. However, ladies in relationships should be keen on information to share with other people about their relationships. Here is a List of information that ladies should never trust anybody sharing with.
1. Fights in the family
Couples mostly experience disagreements in several issues; some disagreements are more sherries than others. Women have become common in exposing their disagreements on social media any time they get into fight with their male partners. Furthermore, they reconcile in the public and act as if nothing happened living the public with memories of what happened.
2.Secerets of your partiner.
Sharing your secrets with another person requires a great deal of trust. The fact that your partner is open enough with you to share personal information about themselves shows that they value you enough to be vulnerable with you.
These very details should remain with you, especially if your partner requested that you don’t tell anyone else what they just told you. Don’t betray your lover’s trust by telling another person their secrets, let them do it themselves so that you’re never to blame.
3.Bedroom details
 Issues about your bedroom should remain in your bedroom. People develop a different perception of you when they know about your bedroom issues.
4 Money
Finance details in your relationships should be your secrets even if it is either small or enough. It should only be the business between you and your partner Sharing this information may make other people use the financial details for ill intentions against you in the later days You should never share how financially successful you are in your relationship to other people.  
.~Eve magazine 
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