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Hardest Part of Wildlife Management is 'Managing Humans': Elephant, Biker Avoid Collision in India


Feb. 08, 2020

Sputnik International
New Delhi (Sputnik): The Indian elephants are one of the three subspecies of endangered Asian elephants. In fact, in November 2019, it was revealed that India houses 60 percent of the total population of elephants in the world.
Indians living near elephant habitats in the country are mostly sensitive towards the animal, however some people are just too casual to care about their own safety let alone the lives of animals.
Parveen Kaswan, an Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officer shared a video on Twitter that showed a reckless biker speeding on a road that was blocked by forest staff because an elephant was crossing it .
The 36-second-long video shows the helmet-less biker, who purposely rode on an otherwise blocked road, avoiding a collision with an adult elephant that can be seen running out of the forest to cross the road.
Netizens have as well criticised the reckless biker on Twitter, with many saying that humans are "the most dangerous animals" on the Earth:
The Indian elephant is a smart, social and migratory animal, which is struggling to thrive in a continually shrinking habitat. They are used by forest dwellers to pick wood and carry tourists for rides in the national forests.
Because they are a part of immediate human-lifestyle, they often get into conflicts with people, get into accidents and fall prey to poachers who prey on them for their ivory-bearing tusks.
In November, the Indian Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change proposed the inclusion of Indian elephants in the global list of endangered animals.
The subject would be discussed during the upcoming 13th edition of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS COP) which India is hosting in February 2020.
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